Evacuation Day

ThursdayEvacuation DayMA: Suffolk County
FridayEvacuation DayMA: Suffolk County
SundayEvacuation DayMA: Suffolk County
MondayEvacuation DayobservedMA: Suffolk County
MondayEvacuation DayMA: Suffolk County
TuesdayEvacuation DayMA: Suffolk County
WednesdayEvacuation DayMA: Suffolk County
FridayEvacuation DayMA: Suffolk County
SaturdayEvacuation DayMA: Suffolk County
SundayEvacuation DayMA: Suffolk County
MondayEvacuation DayobservedMA: Suffolk County

Holidays 2022

New Year's DayNew Year's Day
New Year's Day (observed) - GeorgiaNew Year's Day (observed by state employees) - Rhode Island
Battle of New Orleans - Louisiana
Lee-Jackson Day - Virginia
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. - Florida, Wisconsin
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - ColoradoBirthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. - Kentucky, NebraskaBirthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (paid holiday) - FloridaBirthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (observed by state government) - WisconsinDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday - AR, DC, IA, LA, MD, MSDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday (state and municipal government) - Rhode IslandDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - HI, NY, PA, UTMartin Luther King's Birthday - MN, NJ, WVMartin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday - AL, AK, GA, NV, NM, NC, OK, OR, VT, WAMartin Luther King, Jr. Day - CA, DE, IN, KS, ME, MI, MO, MT, SC, SD, TN, TX, VAMartin Luther King Day - CT, IL, MA, ND, OHMartin Luther King, Jr. / Civil Rights Day - Arizona, New HampshireMartin Luther King, Jr. / Idaho Human Rights Day - IdahoMartin Luther King, Jr. / Wyoming Equality Day - WyomingRobert E. Lee's Birthday - AL, AR, MSDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday - Rhode Island
Birthday of Robert E. Lee - FloridaRobert E. Lee's Birthday - North CarolinaRobert E. Lee Day - Kentucky, LouisianaConfederate Heroes Day (partial staffing) - Texas
Franklin D. Roosevelt Day - Kentucky
Groundhog Day
Lincoln's Birthday (observed) - IllinoisLincoln Day (observed) - ConnecticutLincoln Day (observed by state employees) - MissouriLincoln's Birthday (observed) - Vermont
Lincoln's Birthday - IllinoisLincoln Day - Connecticut, MissouriLincoln's Birthday (floating holiday) - New YorkLincoln's Birthday - FL, IA, KY, MD, MI, NJ, VT
Valentine's Day
Susan B. Anthony's Birthday - FloridaElection Day (after 12:00 Noon) - Pennsylvania
Washington's BirthdayPresident's Day - AK, CA, HI, MD, MA, MI, NE, OH, OK, OR, PA, SD, TX, WA, WV, WYWashington's Birthday - CT, DC, ID, IL, ME, MS, MO, NV, NH, NJ, NY, ND, VTGeorge Washington's Birthday - Alabama, ArkansasGeorge Washington's Birthday / President's Day - South CarolinaGeorge Washington Day - VirginiaWashington Day - TennesseeLincoln's and Washington's Birthdays - MontanaLincoln/Washington Presidents' Day - ArizonaWashington's and Lincoln's Birthday - MinnesotaWashington-Lincoln Day - ColoradoWashington and Lincoln Day - UtahDaisy Gatson Bates Day - ArkansasThomas Jefferson's Birthday - AlabamaPresident's Day - Kansas, WisconsinWashington's Birthday - FL, IA, KY, LA, MD, MI, NC, RI
Town Meeting Day - VermontMardi Gras Day - LouisianaShrove Tuesday / Mardi GrasMardi Gras - AL: Mobile and Baldwin CountiesShrove Tuesday - FL: in counties celebrating Shrove Tuesday
Ash WednesdayTexas Independence Day (partial staffing) - Texas
Birthday of Casimir Pulaski - Illinois
Saint Patrick's DayEvacuation Day - MA: Suffolk County
Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day (observed) - HawaiiGreek Independence Day - North CarolinaMaryland Day - Maryland
Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day - Hawaii
Seward's Day - Alaska
César Chávez Day - CaliforniaCésar Chávez Day (optional) - ColoradoCésar Chávez Day (optional, in lieu of another holiday) - Texas
April Fools' Day
Pascua Florida Day - Florida
Palm Sunday
Anniversary of signing of Halifax Resolves - North Carolina
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday - CT, DE, HI, IN, LA, NJ, NC, ND, TNConfederate Memorial Day (observed) - GeorgiaDistrict of Columbia Emancipation Day (observed) - District of ColumbiaGood Friday (paid holiday, one-half day) - KentuckyGood FridayGood Friday - FL, MD, PAGood Friday (from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.) - WisconsinGood Friday (optional, in lieu of another holiday) - Texas
District of Columbia Emancipation Day - District of ColumbiaHoly Saturday
Patriot's Day - MainePatriots' Day - Massachusetts
San Jacinto Day (partial staffing) - Texas
Earth Day
Confederate Memorial Day - AlabamaConfederate Memorial Day - Mississippi
Confederate Memorial Day - Florida
Administrative Professionals' Day
Arbor Day - NebraskaNational Arbor Day
Primary Election Day - Indiana
Rhode Island Independence Day - Rhode Island
Cinco de Mayo
Mother's Day - ArizonaTruman Day - MissouriMother's Day
Truman Day (observed) - Missouri
Confederate Memorial Day - South CarolinaPrimary Election Day - West VirginiaConfederate Memorial Day - North Carolina
Anniversary of Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence - North Carolina
Ascension Day
Memorial DayMemorial Day - except: AL, LA, MS, SCNational Memorial Day - AL, LA, MS, SCJefferson Davis' Birthday - Mississippi
Confederate Memorial Day - Kentucky, LouisianaBirthday of Jefferson Davis - FloridaJefferson Davis Day - Kentucky
Jefferson Davis' Birthday - Alabama
King Kamehameha I Day (observed) - Hawaii
King Kamehameha I Day - Hawaii
Trinity SundayFlag Day - New York
Flag DayFlag Day - Florida, Pennsylvania
Corpus Christi
Bunker Hill Day - MA: Suffolk County
Juneteenth Day - LouisianaJuneteenth - Wyoming
Juneteenth National Independence DayFather's Day - ArizonaJuneteenth - GA, ME, MAJuneteenth (paid holiday) - Michigan, MissouriJuneteenth National Independence Day - MarylandFather's DayJuneteenth Day - WisconsinEmancipation Day In Texas (partial staffing) - Texas
Juneteenth National Independence Day (observed)West Virginia Day - West VirginiaJuneteenth (observed) - GA, ME, MAJuneteenth (observed, paid holiday) - Michigan, MissouriJuneteenth National Independence Day (observed) - MarylandJuneteenth Day (observed) - Wisconsin
Little Big Horn Recognition Day - South Dakota
Independence DayIndependence Day
Pioneer Day - UtahParents' Day
Pioneer Day (observed) - Utah
American Family Day - Arizona
Victory Day - Rhode Island
Bennington Battle Day - Vermont
Statehood Day - Hawaii
Lyndon Baines Johnson Day (partial staffing) - Texas
Huey P. Long Day - Louisiana
Labor DayLabor Day
Constitution Commemoration Day - ArizonaNational Grandparents DayPatriot Day
Defenders' Day - Maryland
Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
Rosh Hashanah (optional, in lieu of another holiday) - Texas
Yom Kippur - North CarolinaYom Kippur (optional, in lieu of another holiday) - Texas
Columbus DayColumbus Day - AL, AZ, CO, CT, DC, GA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MA, MO, MT, NE, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, UT, VA, WVColumbus Day (may be observed the Friday after Thanksgiving) - TennesseeChristopher Columbus Day (optional) - MinnesotaAmerican Indian Heritage Day - AlabamaFraternal Day - AlabamaIndigenous People's Day - MaineIndigenous Peoples' Day - New MexicoNative Americans' Day - South DakotaYorktown Victory Day - VirginiaColumbus Day - FL, KS, KY, MI, NH, NC, VT, WIChristopher Columbus Day - LouisianaFarmers' Day - Florida
Alaska Day - Alaska
Nevada Day - Nevada
All Saints' DayAll Saints' Day - Louisiana
All Souls' DaySouth Dakota Statehood Day - South Dakota
General Election Day - HI, IL, IN, LA, MT, WVElection Day - Delaware, New JerseyElection Day (paid holiday) - MichiganElection Day (state employees) - Rhode IslandElection Day (floating holiday) - New YorkGubernatorial Election Day - MarylandSusan B. Anthony Day - West VirginiaGeneral Election Day - FL, NC, WIElection Day - New Hampshire, Rhode IslandElection Day (after 12:00 Noon) - Pennsylvania
Return Day (after 12:00 Noon) - DE: Sussex County
Veterans DayVeterans Day - except: WisconsinVeterans Day - Wisconsin
Thanksgiving DayThanksgiving Day
Day After Thanksgiving - CA, DE, KS, NE, OK, SC, VADay After Thanksgiving (paid holiday) - KY, MI, NH, PADay After Thanksgiving (optional, paid holiday) - VermontFriday after Thanksgiving - TexasFriday after Thanksgiving (optional) - MinnesotaFriday after Thanksgiving (paid holiday) - Florida, IowaThanksgiving Day (paid holiday) - North CarolinaThanksgiving Friday (paid holiday) - MaineAmerican Indian Heritage Day - MarylandNative American Heritage Day - WashingtonFamily Day - NevadaLincoln's Birthday (observed) - IndianaLincoln's Day - West VirginiaPresident's Day - New MexicoRobert E. Lee's Birthday (observed) - GeorgiaAcadian Day (to be confirmed) - Louisiana
Nellie Tayloe Ross's Birthday - Wyoming
Saint Nicholas Day
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Bill of Rights Day - South Dakota
Christmas (paid holiday) - KentuckyChristmas Eve (observed) - Arkansas, South CarolinaChristmas Eve (observed, paid holiday) - MichiganWashington's Birthday (observed) - Georgia, Indiana
Christmas Eve - Arkansas, South CarolinaChristmas Eve (paid holiday) - MI, TX, WIChristmas Eve
Christmas DayChristmas Day
Christmas Day (observed)Christmas Day (observed) - except: MS, OK, SC, TXChristmas Day (observed, optional) - MississippiDay After Christmas - South CarolinaDay After Christmas (paid holiday) - Texas
Christmas - Oklahoma
Wounded Knee Day of Reflection - South Dakota
New Year's Day (paid holiday) - KentuckyNew Year's Eve (observed, paid holiday) - Michigan
New Year's Eve (paid holiday) - Michigan, WisconsinNew Year's Eve